Anastasiya Klymova

Sound engineer

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Kyiv as seen by DakhaBrakha

In the ‘Ambassadors’ project, famous Ukrainians take us on a walk around their hometowns, introducing us to special places along the way. In the 15th episode, the members of ethno-band DakhaBrakha share their vision of Kyiv, a city rich...


Zhytomyr as seen by Valerii Kharchyshyn

In the Ambassadors project, well-known Ukrainian artists become informal guides to the cities where they spent some of their most formative years. In the fourteenth episode, the frontman of the band Druha Rika (‘Second River’ — tr.) will introduce us to the...


Zaporizhzhia as seen by Yanina Sokolova

For the ‘Ambassadors’ project, famous Ukrainians introduce us to the places where they spent many years of their lives. In the 13th episode, TV host and journalist Yanina Sokolova gives us her take on Zaporizhzhia, an industrial city that is...


Dolyna and Vyhoda as seen by Michael Shchur

In the Ambassadors project, famous people show the towns where they grew up: what they were like in the past, and how they have changed. In the twelfth episode, the TV presenter and journalist Roman Vintoniv (better known as Michael...


Terebovlia as seen by Viktor Pavlik

In the Ambassadors project, famous people tell us about the places where they grew up. In the eleventh story, singer and performer Viktor Pavlik introduces us to his home town, Terebovlia. Bogdan Logvynenko, the founder of the Ukraïner project, joined...


Lutsk as seen by Oleksandr Polozhynskyi

In the Ambassadors series, famous Ukrainians give us a fresh look at the towns and cities where they grew up. In the ninth story, singer and showman Oleksandr Polozhynskyi introduces us to his hometown, Lutsk. Oleksandr, founder of the band...

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