Andrii Rogozin

Cameraman, Film editor

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Business Owners

Starting a Dairy Farm

The Kmit family started a dairy farm in Uhersko village in Halychyna. Their primary goal was to set up a company that would provide for the local community’s dairy needs. However, in just a couple of years it became one...


Find the Truffles

Oleksandr Dzhyha has created a farm in the small village Vasylivka, Podillia. Besides vegetables and fruits, the man successfully cultivates the high-priced mushrooms there – truffles.


Prybirsk: Life on the Exclusion Zone Frontier.

Prybirsk in Polissia could be just a picturesque village not far from Chornobyl. It could be known only by locals and some very curious tourists, but thanks to a couple of indifferent activists the village got re-energized. The festival “Chornobyl-Renaissance”...

Business Owners

Christophe Lacarin. Wine Against All Odds

Residents of Shabo village call him monsieur. Christophe Lacarin de Fabiani, an energetic 64-year-old Frenchman has been living and working in Ukraine for 16 years, celebrating every day of his life. The entrepreneur, the perfumer and the winemaker, he created...


Serhiivka: Sails over Reed

Serhiivka is known as a resort village in Bessarabia, not far from Odesa. However, this place bears no resemblance to the neighboring Zatoka (resort destination): there are no hustle, night parties or expensive boats. The steady pace of life that...


Utkonosivka — Tomatoes Valley

Is it possible for the local economy to work according to 2+2=5 principle? Utkonosivka is one of the villages to the south of Bessarabia which proves that it is. Conducive climate, fresh water in a close vicinity and mutual cooperation...

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