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Ferries on the Desna river

The Desna River – is one of the biggest rivers in Ukraine. There are a lot of settlements on its shores, but there are not so many ferries, which connect these settlements. Ferries are in Desnianske, Redychiv and Mesyn, and,...

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Swedish carpets from the village Liubymivka

This story might have never turned out the way we know it if it wasn’t for the Swedes. In 1782, 1200 Swedes moved to Tavria to found the settlement Staroshvedske. Two centuries later in the early 2000s, a Ukrainian woman,...


Kherson: A Circus Abroad

For more than 10 years Ukrainian circus studio Jin Roh has been creating unique world-class shows and touring all over the world. Although the group is based in Kherson, they rarely stay home for long periods of time due to...

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