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National Minorities

The Jews of Ukraine. Who are they?

The Jewish is one of the oldest communities living in Ukraine. The vast majority of Ukrainian Jews are descendants of one of the largest sub-ethnicities of the Jewish people, the Ashkenazi. Now, there are approximately 300,000 Jewish in Ukraine, according...

National Minorities

The Meskhetian Turks of Ukraine. Who are they?

Meskhetian Turks are Turkic speaking people that follow Islam and originate, allegedly, from the territory of historic Meskhetia (Georgia). The Meskhetian Turks community resides in Ukraine since the 1990s. They had to re-settle two times: at first in 1944 when...


Ferries on the Desna river

The Desna River – is one of the biggest rivers in Ukraine. There are a lot of settlements on its shores, but there are not so many ferries, which connect these settlements. Ferries are in Desnianske, Redychiv and Mesyn, and,...

National Minorities

The Gagauzes of Ukraine. Who are they?

Gagauzes are an Orthodox Christian Turkic-speaking people, the descendants of the nomadic Oghuz tribes. The Ukrainian Gagauzes have been compactly residing in the villages and cities of Bessarabia (Budzhak). The Gagauz culture, traditions, and cuisine have changed since the adoption...


Carpathian Lizhnyk — A Hutsul Invention

Yavoriv, a settlement in Hutsulshchyna region, has always been famous for the beautiful works of its artisans; decorated Easter eggs (pysankas), embroidery and woodwork are widespread here. However, there’s something else makes Yavoriv such a special place: the art of...

Business Owners

What changes Berdyansk?

In 2017, Berdyansk was recognized as one of the best resorts in Ukraine. According to Google Ukraine, the search request for “vacation in Berdyansk” happens more often than other similar requests. And it is not surprising. First of all, Berdyansk...

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