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Business Owners

Backpacks as therapy

Sashko Horondi’s story begins with running away from home in Zakarpattia and living for a few months at the Lviv train station. It continues in his attempts to find a job, restoring old furniture while searching for something of his...


An eco-friendly hoover

Not many villages have any particular feature that would make them stand out. But the villages Savran, Osychky, and Vilshanka in Podillia have their own specialty: making wicker brooms, or “vinyky.” Locals call such brooms environmentally friendly hoovers. Here, as...

Business Owners

Creating your own farm

Oleksandr Makukhin is the owner of a farming household in the village of Novovoznesenka in Zaporizhzhia. He breeds goats, sheep, and cows, making different kinds of cheese from their milk, including soft, hard, with varying maturity and even with mold....

National Minorities

The Georgians of Ukraine. Who are they?

Representatives of the Georgian diaspora in Ukraine are among the most renowned ones: they occupied high public offices and became the first foreign nationals accepted to serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces after the beginning of Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine....


How to tame an ornithopter

Plenty of people dream about having a superpower — for instance, being able to fly like a bird. But hardly anyone is ready to make the mental and the physical effort or to invest the money and the time. Volodymyr...


Kamianets-Podilskyi. Balloons over the Fortress

The long-standing city of Kamianets-Podilskyi is known for its fortress, organic mix of cultures from various nations, and vivid festival life. The most remarkable of those, in particular, are the hot air balloon festivals. This story is about falling in...

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