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National Minorities

Germans of Ukraine. Who are they?

Out of the 30,000 ethnic Germans who spread out in almost all regions of Ukraine between the 9th and 20th centuries, around 3,000 live in cities and villages of Zakarpattia. The German settlers in this region best preserved local German...


Making Tofu and Falafel

In 2014, Dariia Yaremchuk from Lviv and Vadym Khrebtov from Crimea founded ‘Green’, Lviv’s first vegetarian cafe. The lack of high-quality plant-based foods pushed them to establish their own brand, ‘Zelena Korova’ (‘Green Cow’ — tr.). Now they are one...


What is Leadership Academy?

Over the years, Ukraine has taught tens of thousands of students who have not practised their professions even a single day. The Ukrainian Leadership Academy (ULA) has emerged because of the desire to change this situation and to create an...


Kryvorivnia. Hutsul Koliada in Spite of the Bans

 “On Sunday morning, an early sunrise brought joy and glory to cherry gardens” — these lines begin a carol which has been heard in the village of Kryvorivnia in the Hutsul region for over 100 years. The tradition...

National Minorities

Bulgarians of Ukraine. Who are they?

Today, the Ukrainian Bulgarians are one of the largest communities that once migrated to the lands of present-day Bessarabia, Tavria, Pryazovia, and Prychornomoria. Together with the Albanians and Gagauzes, they founded many settlements where they now live compactly, speak numerous...


Lutsk as seen by Oleksandr Polozhynskyi

In the Ambassadors series, famous Ukrainians give us a fresh look at the towns and cities where they grew up. In the ninth story, singer and showman Oleksandr Polozhynskyi introduces us to his hometown, Lutsk. Oleksandr, founder of the band...

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