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Swedish carpets from the village Liubymivka

This story might have never turned out the way we know it if it wasn’t for the Swedes. In 1782, 1200 Swedes moved to Tavria to found the settlement Staroshvedske. Two centuries later in the early 2000s, a Ukrainian woman,...


Transcarpathian Communicator, aka “Caesar”

Kalyny village in Tiachiv region could be easily considered a typical Trans-сarpathian settlement. People mostly do woodworking here and pick up blueberries for sale. But there is one place and one man in Kalyny that make this village unique and...


Buddhists from Donbas

One of the oldest Buddhist communities in Ukraine, originating from Donetsk, is located not far from the village of Kryvopillia in the Carpathians. They were compelled to leave their region and move to the Carpathians after the military conflict in...

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