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Business Owners

Growing‌ ‌nuts‌

During the Soviet times, the vast territory along the bank of the Turunchuk River in the Black Sea village of Troitske was a collective farm. Over time, the land was abandoned, when a large landfill was created nearby. Because of...

Business Owners

Creating your own farm

Oleksandr Makukhin is the owner of a farming household in the village of Novovoznesenka in Zaporizhzhia. He breeds goats, sheep, and cows, making different kinds of cheese from their milk, including soft, hard, with varying maturity and even with mold....


Grainland. Bringing life back to the village

A few years ago in the village Ivkivtsi hidden from the passers-by over the hills near Cherkasy, the locals transformed a former Soviet collective farm into agricultural attraction Grainland. Grainland aims to not only entertain visitors but also display antique...

Business Owners

A farm near the battle front

There is a developing eco-farm in the village of Ivanopillia near the city of Kostiantynivka. Its owner Serhiy Svyrydenko dreams of unravelling green tourism in a region that is quite new to him. Shortly before the war he and his...

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