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Business Owners

Business of cousins. Creating travel coats.

Cousins Nataliia Aleksievych and Oksana Sventah worked for many years at a dressmaking and tailoring studio, where they made custom-tailored clothing. Demand for Ukrainian-made goods grew drastically after the Revolution of 2014, giving the craftswomen courage to make clothing under...


Sunny Marigold makes Ukraine bloom

Sunny Marigold — this is the name given to sculptor Vasyl Ryzhuk from Lutsk. The artist does a rather unusual thing — all on his own, he plants flowers along the roadsides of his hometown. In 20 years, Vasyl has...


The Hoich hamlet: forest, wolves and Katia

She dreamed of having her own artist’s hamlet and holding festivals, film screenings and various art projects with her friends there. She spent a year looking for a village with minimal population. Now that she has found it, she’s constantly...

Business Owners

Exporting Lviv

A little over a decade ago, Lviv saw the creation of a company that subsequently took over being the city’s brand ambassador. They created or merged brands that linked Lviv with coffee, books, chocolate, beer, festivals, and creative establishments. Lviv...


Motoball. A Big Ball Near the Fortress

Motoball is an exclusively European sport originating from France, which has gained enormous popularity in Ukraine during Soviet Union times. Motoball tournaments and several motoball teams have survived until today only on enthusiasm of players, coaches, and few spectators. In...


Krasnoilsk Malanka. The revival of the carnival

Bukovyna is considered to be a region that preserved old customs of Christmas holidays celebration better than anywhere else in Ukraine. Local people call their original Malanka “pereberiya” (pereberiya comes from the Ukrainian word “pereberatys” meaning to change dress, to...

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