Khrystyna Oryshchak

Author, Photographer

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Nature Protection

Plogging. Trash never ends

In 2016, a new movement appeared in Sweden at the intersection of two popular trends, healthy lifestyle and environmentalism: plogging. People started to pick litter whenever they went running. With the help of social media, plogging quickly spread around the...


Trostianets Hromada: industrial tourist cluster

The Trostianets Urban Amalgamated Hromada in Slobozhanshchyna was created in 2017. Availability of robust financial base provided Trostianets with powerful resources for strategic development after Hromada unifying. The Hromada implements quality projects that go beyond its territory. The Hromada took...


Polonska Hromada: new strategy and architecture

Over the past years, Polonska Hromada has received resources for development they could not dream of before. In 2018, a modern Administrative services center, designed by renowned Ukrainian architect Victor Zotov, was built here. The Hromada is working on the...


Baikovetska hromada: big enterprise and an observatory

From the moment of its formation in 2015, the Baikovetska Hromada has become a model for other communities: they have opened the first rural automated observatory in Ukraine for students to research remote galaxies, they invest in an equestrian club,...

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