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She survived the Holodomor and saved a boy

When the Holodomor (famine genocide in Ukraine) started, Mariia Hurbich was twelve. Not only did she survive the genocide of the Ukrainian nation together with her family, but she also helped a neighbour boy survive. They met by chance years...

Business Owners

Land of opportunities. Teas from Potutory.

Several years ago, Christina Lieberger made her first business trip from Switzerland to the village of Potutory in Halychyna. She decided to stay here and work with the locals, developing biodynamic agriculture that is based on a caring approach to...


Sunny Marigold makes Ukraine bloom

Sunny Marigold — this is the name given to sculptor Vasyl Ryzhuk from Lutsk. The artist does a rather unusual thing — all on his own, he plants flowers along the roadsides of his hometown. In 20 years, Vasyl has...


How to ride across the US and build your own ranch

“The best thing I’ve done in my life was driving across the United States”, Lviv businessman Ostap Lun says. After Ostap had returned from the trip in 2012, he realized that he needed to do something more than just business....


Valeriy’s adventures in Greece

850 people. This is the number of people that made the dream of Valeriy Yermakov come true. Valeriy is 79 years old sculptor from the Village of Panasivka, and he has been creating sculptures and art images inspired by Greek...

Business Owners

The Arabat Arrow: Makeover on the Borderline

In southern Ukraine, on the Arabat Arrow Spit, there is Strilkove village, which is washed by Azov Sea on the east and by waters of Syvash on the west. This is the most distant populated place of Kherson region, which...

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