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The Synagogue in Ostroh: Reconstruction of the ruins

One of the largest synagogues of Eastern Europe is located in Ostroh. It has been reconstructed for 20 years by a local, an ethnic Jew — Hryhorii Arshynov. Hryhorii is a professional builder who decided to save the historic monument....


Sosnivka. Creating instead of mining

In Sosnivka, a mining town on the border of Volyn and Halychyna, five guys have taken the risk of opening their own glassware studio, where they mostly make smoking devices — pipes and hand-crafted bubblers. It all started in a...

Business Owners

Building with hemp

When it comes to construction, we’re used to hearing words like concrete, cement, reinforcing steel, mineral wool, and polystyrene blocks. But hemp? Not so much. This is the story of a Ukrainian startup that produces building materials from industrial hemp...

National Minorities

Albanians of Ukraine. Who are they?

The Albanian community has been living on the territory of Ukraine since the late 18th – early 19th centuries. The Orthodox Albanians had first migrated to Bulgaria, then together with the Gagauzes and Bulgarians, trying to escape the oppression of...


The Emmaus Home: home for all

The Emmaus Home Community is one of the first organizations in Ukraine that has started working with the homeless. Since 2001 volunteers have been helping those who are in need. Now they have a social hostel, a furniture repair shop,...

Nature Protection

Bakota: the submerged world

Bakota is a submerged village in Podillia near Kamyanets-Podilsky. Nowadays this place is known for its incredible landscapes and total silence. Half a century ago hundreds of families left their homes and farms there. The people were evicted and the...

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