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They endured on potato peels from Belarus

When the Holodomor (famine genocide in Ukraine) broke out in the village of Kobylianka, Fedir Zadiereiev’s parents had to travel on foot 100 kilometres to Belarus to bring potato peels from their relatives. Fedir’s grandmother sneaked potatoes in her boots,...

Nature Protection

Chornobyl Exclusion Zone: all expedition materials

The night of April 26, 1986, in the city of Pripyat, Polissia, had occurred the biggest catastrophe in the history of nuclear energy. The explosion at the fourth unit of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station led to tragic consequences with...


Ferries on the Desna river

The Desna River – is one of the biggest rivers in Ukraine. There are a lot of settlements on its shores, but there are not so many ferries, which connect these settlements. Ferries are in Desnianske, Redychiv and Mesyn, and,...

Space Transformation

Bezvodivka: mounds or observatory?

Not far from the village of Bezvodivka, which is in Sivershchyna, there is located a valuable historical monument. The Bezvodivka Mounds, the purpose of which is of various assumptions, are up to 4 thousand years old. The local historian Oleksandr...


Prybirsk: Life on the Exclusion Zone Frontier.

Prybirsk in Polissia could be just a picturesque village not far from Chornobyl. It could be known only by locals and some very curious tourists, but thanks to a couple of indifferent activists the village got re-energized. The festival “Chornobyl-Renaissance”...

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