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Valeriy’s adventures in Greece

850 people. This is the number of people that made the dream of Valeriy Yermakov come true. Valeriy is 79 years old sculptor from the Village of Panasivka, and he has been creating sculptures and art images inspired by Greek...


Velyki Kopani: Farming in the South of Ukraine

The Village of Velyki Kopani is located near Kherson and is known for having one of the largest wholesale vegetable markets called “Nezhdanyi”. The market sells products to a considerable amount of retailers and agricultural commercial centers. Nearly every household...


Shepherd by Vocation

Cheesemaking is a long-standing craft in the Carpathians. The locals were making cheese using sheep and cow milk. The original recipes were passed from generation to generation. However, very few people make cheese nowadays. The youth is sure that grazing,...

National Minorities

Who are Boikos?

Ukrainian ethnicity is comprised of a dozen ethnic groups, with their own language and lifestyle peculiarities. Their unique traditions have been shaping through centuries. However, as the cities and economy are developing, these traditions intertwine with each other and their...

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