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Business Owners

Business of cousins. Creating travel coats.

Cousins Nataliia Aleksievych and Oksana Sventah worked for many years at a dressmaking and tailoring studio, where they made custom-tailored clothing. Demand for Ukrainian-made goods grew drastically after the Revolution of 2014, giving the craftswomen courage to make clothing under...


The Hoich hamlet: forest, wolves and Katia

She dreamed of having her own artist’s hamlet and holding festivals, film screenings and various art projects with her friends there. She spent a year looking for a village with minimal population. Now that she has found it, she’s constantly...


Vytynanka: from traditional craft to contemporary interior design

The art of vytynanka – or papercutting – first appeared in rural villages in Ukraine in the middle of the 19th century, as a form of home decoration. For a long time, it was considered to be a dying art....

Business Owners

Hives instead of houses

In Yuriivka that is in Poltava region there is no signpost, no village council, no palace of culture, no hospital, and even no school. In the village where there were once 60 houses and lived about 300 people, at present...


Hutsul bread for the Carpathians

The Romanyuks from the Carpathian village Topilche bake traditional Hutsul bread following a special recipe, play several musical instruments, and are masters of unique singing techniques. The voice of Paraska Romanyuk is admired not only in Ukraine but also beyond...


Buhai: a Bird and a Musical Instrument

There are a lot of folk musical instruments that have been forgotten over time, or their origin is hard to establish. If no one produces or restores them, they can simply disappear. Among such rare folk instruments is buhai, which...

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