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GogolTrain. The first legal art train

The great multi-disciplined festival of modern art StartUp GogolFest has taken place since 2018 in Mariupol, where each spring hundreds of people from all over Ukraine go. For that purpose, Bogdan Yaremchuk and Denys Uhorchuk created an art train, which...


Jaroslawa Z. Johnson. From Chicago To Ukraine

With this publication, we are opening the series of stories “Ukrainians abroad”. This series is not about successful immigration rather about people that had moved abroad due to different reasons and started helping Ukraine in various ways: creating state-to-state projects,...


Ostroh. The return of the first Eastern Europe Academy

The Ostroh Academy is one of the first successful examples of educational revival in Ukraine that doesn’t try to replicate the old Soviet system and leans on the long-standing traditions of Ukrainian education instead. The university in Ostroh has been...

Nature Protection

A Return to the Exclusion Zone

Prypiat is the city that saw bright prospects and terrible consequences. For the last 30 years this is an abandoned spot, contaminated by radiation. Today Prypiat is the subject of legends, the territory of dreary scenes and a sign of...

National Minorities

Who are Boikos?

Ukrainian ethnicity is comprised of a dozen ethnic groups, with their own language and lifestyle peculiarities. Their unique traditions have been shaping through centuries. However, as the cities and economy are developing, these traditions intertwine with each other and their...


Mariupol of possibilities

In the south-eastern Ukraine, on the coast of Azov sea, there’s a city called Mariupol. The date of its foundation still remains quite a controversial issue – whether to start counting its history from the construction of the Cossack’s watchtower...

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