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Business Owners

Growing‌ ‌nuts‌

During the Soviet times, the vast territory along the bank of the Turunchuk River in the Black Sea village of Troitske was a collective farm. Over time, the land was abandoned, when a large landfill was created nearby. Because of...


What is Leadership Academy?

Over the years, Ukraine has taught tens of thousands of students who have not practised their professions even a single day. The Ukrainian Leadership Academy (ULA) has emerged because of the desire to change this situation and to create an...

National Minorities

Greeks of Ukraine. Who are they?

Greeks have lived on the territory of modern Ukraine since antiquity and consider themselves an autochthonous people. Countless remnants of ancient Greek civilization exist in Ukraine such as Olbia, Panticapaeum, and Tauric Chersonesus. Later historical Greek landmarks date from the...


Olbia: The largest ancient Greek settlement on the Black Sea coast

For centuries, archaeologists and historians from all over Europe have excavated the remains of the ancient city-state Olbia that is located on the Black Sea coastal area, near the village Parutyne. Because of problems with infrastructure and transportation, this area...

Business Owners

Kremenchuk. Creating the perfect backpack

Once, three friends in Kremenchuk decided to leave their jobs behind and start their own business. They set their minds to creating the perfect backpack. Less than a year later their own brand, Blackpack, had just appeared and they already...

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