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The Return of the Wooden Toy

The tradition of creating toys has lived in Ukrainian culture from time immemorial. Clay, wood, fabric, straw, vine, dough — this is far from an exhaustive list of traditional Ukrainian toys. Despite such diversity, only two state museums are dedicated...


Fighting rural migration

Only 10 years ago people from Khorokhoryn village in the Volyn region were leaving en masse for Poland as migrant workers. But as soon as one of those workers – Vitaliy Karpovych – came home with the idea of growing...


An eco-friendly hoover

Not many villages have any particular feature that would make them stand out. But the villages Savran, Osychky, and Vilshanka in Podillia have their own specialty: making wicker brooms, or “vinyky.” Locals call such brooms environmentally friendly hoovers. Here, as...

Business Owners

Shershentsi: Changing a Village’s Mindset

The Podillia village of Shershentsi lies in the valley of the Bilochi river, on the border with Moldova. After living for 35 years in a big city, Dmytro Skoryk and his wife Nadiia moved here from Odesa. It took them...


Bukatynka. An alive museum in abandoned huts

The village Bukatynka in Podillia, despite of its great natural potential and ancient history, could be just another village that is gradually dying out. But more than 40 years ago, the young married couple of artists Olexii and Liudmyla Aleshkins...

Nature Protection

Bakota: the submerged world

Bakota is a submerged village in Podillia near Kamyanets-Podilsky. Nowadays this place is known for its incredible landscapes and total silence. Half a century ago hundreds of families left their homes and farms there. The people were evicted and the...

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