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What is ‘Izolyatsia’ and IZONE?

Ten years ago an abandoned plant for processing insulation materials was turned into a giant art space ‘Izolyatsia’ in industrial Donetsk, but recently became a prison and a torture chamber by Russian militants. The creators of ‘Izolyatsia’ were forced to...


Sosnivka. Creating instead of mining

In Sosnivka, a mining town on the border of Volyn and Halychyna, five guys have taken the risk of opening their own glassware studio, where they mostly make smoking devices — pipes and hand-crafted bubblers. It all started in a...


GogolTrain. The first legal art train

The great multi-disciplined festival of modern art StartUp GogolFest has taken place since 2018 in Mariupol, where each spring hundreds of people from all over Ukraine go. For that purpose, Bogdan Yaremchuk and Denys Uhorchuk created an art train, which...

Business Owners

Building with hemp

When it comes to construction, we’re used to hearing words like concrete, cement, reinforcing steel, mineral wool, and polystyrene blocks. But hemp? Not so much. This is the story of a Ukrainian startup that produces building materials from industrial hemp...


How to ride across the US and build your own ranch

“The best thing I’ve done in my life was driving across the United States”, Lviv businessman Ostap Lun says. After Ostap had returned from the trip in 2012, he realized that he needed to do something more than just business....


Shakhivska Hromada: unifying after shellfire

Shakhivska Amalgamated Hromada was the first rural Hromada in Donechchyna. Surviving the shellfire in 2014, three village councils took a risk to unite and are ambitiously developing the Hromada infrastructure nowadays. Today Shakhivska Hromada holds one of the leading positions...

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