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A farm near the battle front

There is a developing eco-farm in the village of Ivanopillia near the city of Kostiantynivka. Its owner Serhiy Svyrydenko dreams of unravelling green tourism in a region that is quite new to him. Shortly before the war he and his...


Reshetylivka. Revival of Carpet Manufacturing

Reshetylivka, a town in Poltavshchyna, is a true treasure of Ukrainian folk art. Masters of weaving, carpet manufacturing and embroidery from Reshetylivka have been famous across Ukraine since the end of the nineteenth century. High-quality wool from a local breed...


Buhai: a Bird and a Musical Instrument

There are a lot of folk musical instruments that have been forgotten over time, or their origin is hard to establish. If no one produces or restores them, they can simply disappear. Among such rare folk instruments is buhai, which...

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