Pavlo Pakhomenko

Cameraman, Photographer

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Public Spaces of Eastern Ukraine

After 2014, the industrial cities in the East of Ukraine, which remained in the territory under Ukrainian control, have been going through a new period of development and rethinking. After shootings and attempts to capture their hometowns, locals started taking...

Business Owners

A farm near the battle front

There is a developing eco-farm in the village of Ivanopillia near the city of Kostiantynivka. Its owner Serhiy Svyrydenko dreams of unravelling green tourism in a region that is quite new to him. Shortly before the war he and his...


Dobropillia. Space of Interaction

Dobropillia is a mining town located 95 km to the west of Donetsk. The separatist movement has not reached it since the beginning of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine in 2014, because the local entrepreneurs and activists organized themselves...

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