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Nature Protection

Tuzly Estuaries: Park against poachers

Ukraine has the lowest number of protected areas among the countries of Europe — only 6% (of its territory — ed.). But even on the territories of national parks and reserves, illegal fishing, poaching, and land ploughing take place. Since...

Business Owners

The Kasen hamlet. A farmstead among jungles

A married couple, Victoria and Dmytro Radchuk, left their business in Lutsk to create a sheep farm. In 2016, they moved to the area near the village of Povcha, where they set up a green tourism farmstead called...

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Building with hemp

When it comes to construction, we’re used to hearing words like concrete, cement, reinforcing steel, mineral wool, and polystyrene blocks. But hemp? Not so much. This is the story of a Ukrainian startup that produces building materials from industrial hemp...


Kyiv as seen by ONUKA

The Ambassadors project shows Ukrainian cities through the eyes of their famous inhabitants. In the tenth story, Nata Zhyzhchenko of the band ONUKA shows us her native Kyiv, the great and extremely diverse capital of Ukraine. Bogdan Logvynenko, the...


Kyiv as seen by Pavlo Zibrov

In the third story of our series on famous Ukrainians and their hometowns, pop singer Pavlo Zibrov introduces Kyiv, the city that now feels like home to him. Despite its thousand-year history, Kyiv is not a hostage to established tradition:...

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Put it all in grape

Grape is intrinsic to the place. It is believed that Tavria hosts the best vineyards in Ukraine. This place is blessed with sun and fertile soil.

Albert Fedotov, a farmer from the city of Oleshky, grows grape, collects different varieties and...

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