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In quarantine

A Crisis that Unites Ukrainians

Most countries around the world were not prepared for a global pandemic, and it has become a real challenge for the civil society of each country. Government systems were too clumsy to implement the necessary changes quickly.


GogolTrain. The first legal art train

The great multi-disciplined festival of modern art StartUp GogolFest has taken place since 2018 in Mariupol, where each spring hundreds of people from all over Ukraine go. For that purpose, Bogdan Yaremchuk and Denys Uhorchuk created an art train, which...

National Minorities

Albanians of Ukraine. Who are they?

The Albanian community has been living on the territory of Ukraine since the late 18th – early 19th centuries. The Orthodox Albanians had first migrated to Bulgaria, then together with the Gagauzes and Bulgarians, trying to escape the oppression of...


Valeriy’s adventures in Greece

850 people. This is the number of people that made the dream of Valeriy Yermakov come true. Valeriy is 79 years old sculptor from the Village of Panasivka, and he has been creating sculptures and art images inspired by Greek...


Polissia singing

In the villages of Polissia, the tradition of authentic Polissian singing has been preserved. Stari Koni, Komory, Svalovychi — in these and some other villages in Polissia, there are still people who remember the old songs that were known and...


Kostopil. Building a chess center from scratch

In a town of Kostopil in Polissia, Oleksandr Kozak founded a chess club which grew to become a center of intellectual development. Oleksandr turned an empty abandoned building inhabited by rats into a place where local people regularly go to...

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