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Velyki Kopani: Farming in the South of Ukraine

The Village of Velyki Kopani is located near Kherson and is known for having one of the largest wholesale vegetable markets called “Nezhdanyi”. The market sells products to a considerable amount of retailers and agricultural commercial centers. Nearly every household...


Carpathian Spruce and Bukovyna Violin

Melodies of the violins created by Volodymyr Solodzhuk, the craftsman from Bukovina, are born in his small workshop in Chernivtsi. Nowadays his instruments conquer concert halls all over the world. After working as a works engineer for many years, Volodymyr...


Kosiv: A Motorcycle Club amid the Mountains

The Carpathian town Kosiv, which is mainly known in Ukraine for its ceramics and the traditional market, has been also familiar to moto culture fans for a long time. A local enthusiast Vasyl Kuryshchuk has been developing it for 40...


Krasnoilsk Malanka. The revival of the carnival

Bukovyna is considered to be a region that preserved old customs of Christmas holidays celebration better than anywhere else in Ukraine. Local people call their original Malanka “pereberiya” (pereberiya comes from the Ukrainian word “pereberatys” meaning to change dress, to...

Nature Protection

Tuzly Estuaries: Dolphins, Birds, and Volunteers

Tuzly Estuaries National Nature Park is a chain of 13 estuaries in the catchment area of the Danube and the Dniester rivers. Estuaries, and in particular the largest ones, are called the Black Sea maternity home, since there are enormous...

National Minorities

Roma of Zakarpattia

Nomadic life in a pavilion, guitar songs at the fireplace, passion and easy luck. This romantic image of Roma known from literature and soviet movies is long in the past. Instead, the stereotypes about the poor nation living on social...

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