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National Minorities

Hungarians of Ukraine. Who are they?

Hungarians are one of the biggest minority groups in Ukraine. Their presence in the area dates back to the 10th century. Currently there are over 150 thousand Hungarians residing near the border in Zakarpattia. Despite that over the past 11...

Business Owners

Kayaks Are The Start

There are many wonderful and off-the-beaten-path destinations with incredible nature in Ukraine. In early 2010, Andrii Kuzmenko and his band ‘Skryabin’ showcased one of them in their music video, “Місця щасливих людей” (‘Places of happy people’ – ed.). It was...


The Emmaus Home: home for all

The Emmaus Home Community is one of the first organizations in Ukraine that has started working with the homeless. Since 2001 volunteers have been helping those who are in need. Now they have a social hostel, a furniture repair shop,...

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