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National Minorities

Vietnamese of Ukraine. Who are they?

Vietnamese diaspora around the world started to form actively in the middle of the 20th century, during the First and the Second Indochina Wars. The Soviet Union became one of the destinations for migration workers. Most of the Vietnamese living...

National Minorities

Czechs of Ukraine. Who are they?

Houses with orchards and sizeable yards, where one can hear both Czech and Ukrainian languages. Concrete footpaths, and a well looked after church. These are the typical sights of the Bohemka village in Prychornomoria. The village was founded in the...


Starobilsk. The new life of a library

In 2014 an influential academic library moved from Luhansk, which was occupied by Russian terrorist groups, to the small city of Starobilsk. All they had back then were documents, a rubber stamp and no books at all. In order to...


Shaping clay and dreaming of Crimea

With the beginning of the Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014, Tetiana Bolharova left the peninsula for the mainland of Ukraine, where she mastered pottery. In Kherson, she opened a workshop, where she now conducts masterclasses, teaching others to make...

Business Owners

Making Passive Houses in Ukraine

An autonomous house that is easy to assemble in a matter of weeks and can be placed anywhere. A building that is independent from the power grid, has its own sewerage, and is equipped with water and air purification systems....


100 Photos of Ukraine — 2020

2020 was a shock for the whole world. Every year we summarise our results, showing with 100 photos from the year how beautiful and little-known Ukraine is. This year, there will be new photos featured here as well. In 2020,...

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