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The Hoich hamlet: forest, wolves and Katia

She dreamed of having her own artist’s hamlet and holding festivals, film screenings and various art projects with her friends there. She spent a year looking for a village with minimal population. Now that she has found it, she’s constantly...

Business Owners

Hives instead of houses

In Yuriivka that is in Poltava region there is no signpost, no village council, no palace of culture, no hospital, and even no school. In the village where there were once 60 houses and lived about 300 people, at present...


Polissia singing

In the villages of Polissia, the tradition of authentic Polissian singing has been preserved. Stari Koni, Komory, Svalovychi — in these and some other villages in Polissia, there are still people who remember the old songs that were known and...


Opishne – Life Originated in Clay

They say that clayware — a jug, a kumanets (a ceramic vessel for water and wine that is common in Ukraine) or anything else — is like a living creature. Potters themselves referred to their wares as if they were...


Wild-honey farmers of Polissia: People of the forest

Derevlyanshchyna is a region of Polissia, situated west of Kyiv and beyond the Teteriv River. It was a favourite place for Kyiv boyars and princes as it was a very rich area for wild-honey farming, so they often visited the...

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