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She survived the Holodomor and saved a boy

When the Holodomor (famine genocide in Ukraine) started, Mariia Hurbich was twelve. Not only did she survive the genocide of the Ukrainian nation together with her family, but she also helped a neighbour boy survive. They met by chance years...

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Tea traditions are coming back to the Carpathians

At the Gemba mountain, the one in the  Carpathian Ruthenia, in the 2013, there appeared a place which was attracting travelers. The locals couldn’t get the secret of the Chayovnya’s (tea house) popularity, till now there are no publications in...


Yanko Derevlyanyi. Guardian of Yavirnyk Mountain

The references to Yanko Derevlyanyi on the Internet are as numerous as the roads leading to Yavirnyk Mountain — there are none. People usually come here on foot, and it happens by accident more often than not. It is one...


Zakarpattia Narrow-Gauge Railway of the Future

— How much for palynka (palynka (palenka) is a name used in Zakarpattia for hooch, which is usually fruity and very strong — translator)? — Denys asks a lady who has put plastic bottles all over the railroad tracks. After some...


Patskaniovo. Saving grandfather’s bread

If statistics is anything to go by, Ukraine keeps facing active urbanism processes, rural areas keep growing old and dying out. And only one region shows the opposite – and of all others it is Zakarpattia.

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Swiss creamery that changed the life of the village

Rural settlement in Transcarpathia (Zakarpattya) called Nyzhne Selysche would amaze you right away, from the very first moment you arrive. We came here by invitation of Inna Prygara, she is studying the art of cheese-making in France. After few months...

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