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Baryshivka and Pereyaslav as seen by alyona alyona

We are launching a new series, to tell the stories of famous Ukrainians and their hometowns: familiar places seen through the eyes of extraordinary people, offering a fresh perspective on Ukraine.

In our first story, rapper Alyona Alyona takes us...


Kyiv as seen by Pavlo Zibrov

In the third story of our series on famous Ukrainians and their hometowns, pop singer Pavlo Zibrov introduces Kyiv, the city that now feels like home to him. Despite its thousand-year history, Kyiv is not a hostage to established tradition:...


Motoball. A Big Ball Near the Fortress

Motoball is an exclusively European sport originating from France, which has gained enormous popularity in Ukraine during Soviet Union times. Motoball tournaments and several motoball teams have survived until today only on enthusiasm of players, coaches, and few spectators. In...

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