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National Minorities

Germans of Ukraine. Who are they?

Out of the 30,000 ethnic Germans who spread out in almost all regions of Ukraine between the 9th and 20th centuries, around 3,000 live in cities and villages of Zakarpattia. The German settlers in this region best preserved local German...


Craft Laboratory and Something Interesting: In Search of Lviv glass

In 2011, in one of the central courtyards of Lviv, a boutique shop- opened to bring together all those interested in the arts and crafts, with a particular focus on glasswork. A group of friends and experimenters opened “Something Interesting”,...


Stone Vyshyvankas of Tavria

Nova Kakhovka is a young town in the north of Tavria, built in the 1950s for the builders of the Kakhovka hydroelectric complex. All the buildings here were built to a unified plan, constructed in haste, and they turned out...


The Narrow-Gauge in Polissia: the Amber Way

An unusual track which is 750 mm wide (a standard railroad track is 1520 mm wide) starts from the station town Antonivka (Polissia) and extends to 106 km to the station Zarichne. It is the longest narrow-gauge railway in Europe....

Business Owners

Slavske: Experimental Green Building

The Carpathian village of Slavske, located in the valley of the Opir river and surrounded by mountains, has been a resort since the beginning of the 19th century, when it saw the construction of its first hotel and climatotherapy station....


Patskaniovo. Saving grandfather’s bread

If statistics is anything to go by, Ukraine keeps facing active urbanism processes, rural areas keep growing old and dying out. And only one region shows the opposite – and of all others it is Zakarpattia.

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