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National Minorities

Armenians of Ukraine. Who are they?

Of the over 8 million Armenians scattered around the globe, less than 3 million live in Armenia itself. Armenian churches and streets have become major attributes of many cities — from Lviv to Singapore. In Ukraine there are about 100...


Grainland. Bringing life back to the village

A few years ago in the village Ivkivtsi hidden from the passers-by over the hills near Cherkasy, the locals transformed a former Soviet collective farm into agricultural attraction Grainland. Grainland aims to not only entertain visitors but also display antique...

Business Owners

Building with hemp

When it comes to construction, we’re used to hearing words like concrete, cement, reinforcing steel, mineral wool, and polystyrene blocks. But hemp? Not so much. This is the story of a Ukrainian startup that produces building materials from industrial hemp...

National Minorities

Bulgarians of Ukraine. Who are they?

Today, the Ukrainian Bulgarians are one of the largest communities that once migrated to the lands of present-day Bessarabia, Tavria, Pryazovia, and Prychornomoria. Together with the Albanians and Gagauzes, they founded many settlements where they now live compactly, speak numerous...

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