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What is ‘Izolyatsia’ and IZONE?

Ten years ago an abandoned plant for processing insulation materials was turned into a giant art space ‘Izolyatsia’ in industrial Donetsk, but recently became a prison and a torture chamber by Russian militants. The creators of ‘Izolyatsia’ were forced to...


Public Spaces of Eastern Ukraine

After 2014, the industrial cities in the East of Ukraine, which remained in the territory under Ukrainian control, have been going through a new period of development and rethinking. After shootings and attempts to capture their hometowns, locals started taking...

National Minorities

Albanians of Ukraine. Who are they?

The Albanian community has been living on the territory of Ukraine since the late 18th – early 19th centuries. The Orthodox Albanians had first migrated to Bulgaria, then together with the Gagauzes and Bulgarians, trying to escape the oppression of...


Trostianets Hromada: industrial tourist cluster

The Trostianets Urban Amalgamated Hromada in Slobozhanshchyna was created in 2017. Availability of robust financial base provided Trostianets with powerful resources for strategic development after Hromada unifying. The Hromada implements quality projects that go beyond its territory. The Hromada took...

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