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Worldwide unknown Petrykivka

The village of Petrykivka is known for the eponymous traditional painting style — Petrykivka painting (or simply “Petrykivka”). Historically, people used it to decorate house walls, musical instruments and household items. Nowadays, these painting elements can be seen on a...

Space Transformation

Bezvodivka: mounds or observatory?

Not far from the village of Bezvodivka, which is in Sivershchyna, there is located a valuable historical monument. The Bezvodivka Mounds, the purpose of which is of various assumptions, are up to 4 thousand years old. The local historian Oleksandr...

Nature Protection

Bakota: the submerged world

Bakota is a submerged village in Podillia near Kamyanets-Podilsky. Nowadays this place is known for its incredible landscapes and total silence. Half a century ago hundreds of families left their homes and farms there. The people were evicted and the...


Mountain Narrow-Gauge Railway. Carpathian Tram

For over a century, a Carpathian village Vyhoda with the population of 3.5 thousand people, has been a starting point of one of still existent unique narrow-gauge railways. Initially designed to serve as a means of wood transportation, narrow-gauge railway...

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