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An eco-friendly hoover

Not many villages have any particular feature that would make them stand out. But the villages Savran, Osychky, and Vilshanka in Podillia have their own specialty: making wicker brooms, or “vinyky.” Locals call such brooms environmentally friendly hoovers. Here, as...

Business Owners

Shershentsi: Changing a Village’s Mindset

The Podillia village of Shershentsi lies in the valley of the Bilochi river, on the border with Moldova. After living for 35 years in a big city, Dmytro Skoryk and his wife Nadiia moved here from Odesa. It took them...


Kamianets-Podilskyi. Balloons over the Fortress

The long-standing city of Kamianets-Podilskyi is known for its fortress, organic mix of cultures from various nations, and vivid festival life. The most remarkable of those, in particular, are the hot air balloon festivals. This story is about falling in...


Dobropillia. Space of Interaction

Dobropillia is a mining town located 95 km to the west of Donetsk. The separatist movement has not reached it since the beginning of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine in 2014, because the local entrepreneurs and activists organized themselves...

Space Transformation

Bezvodivka: mounds or observatory?

Not far from the village of Bezvodivka, which is in Sivershchyna, there is located a valuable historical monument. The Bezvodivka Mounds, the purpose of which is of various assumptions, are up to 4 thousand years old. The local historian Oleksandr...


Kosmach. Cymbals for the son

It’s hard to imagine the Ukrainian native music without cymbals. It’s an ancient stringed instrument was an inalienable attribute of weddings and other celebrating events, folk ensembles always had a cymbalist in its composition. Nowadays hardly anyone can teach play...

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