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Kamianets-Podilskyi. The living fortress

Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress is one of the most popular attractions of Podillia. It is in the last several years that the fortress has begun to change and to return to life. Kamianets-Podilskyi castle has turned from a regular museum complex into...


Worldwide unknown Petrykivka

The village of Petrykivka is known for the eponymous traditional painting style — Petrykivka painting (or simply “Petrykivka”). Historically, people used it to decorate house walls, musical instruments and household items. Nowadays, these painting elements can be seen on a...


Stone Vyshyvankas of Tavria

Nova Kakhovka is a young town in the north of Tavria, built in the 1950s for the builders of the Kakhovka hydroelectric complex. All the buildings here were built to a unified plan, constructed in haste, and they turned out...


Ostroh. The return of the first Eastern Europe Academy

The Ostroh Academy is one of the first successful examples of educational revival in Ukraine that doesn’t try to replicate the old Soviet system and leans on the long-standing traditions of Ukrainian education instead. The university in Ostroh has been...


How to tame an ornithopter

Plenty of people dream about having a superpower — for instance, being able to fly like a bird. But hardly anyone is ready to make the mental and the physical effort or to invest the money and the time. Volodymyr...

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