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The Kasen hamlet. A farmstead among jungles

A married couple, Victoria and Dmytro Radchuk, left their business in Lutsk to create a sheep farm. In 2016, they moved to the area near the village of Povcha, where they set up a green tourism farmstead called...


Kniahynynok. The Hromada of creative experiments

The Kniahynynivska Amalgamated Hromada in Volyn formed in September 2016 when there were operating 200 Hromadas in Ukraine. The local inhabitants didn’t give too much credit to the upcoming changes at first, though today the Hromada is an...


Vesele. The Hromada of environmental (green) initiatives

Residents of the Veselivska Hromada aren’t afraid of being proactive and working on collaborative and experimental projects. Currently, they are building a solar power plant at the site of a deserted landfill. Due to the modernization help of Swedish experts,...


Trostianets Hromada: industrial tourist cluster

The Trostianets Urban Amalgamated Hromada in Slobozhanshchyna was created in 2017. Availability of robust financial base provided Trostianets with powerful resources for strategic development after Hromada unifying. The Hromada implements quality projects that go beyond its territory. The Hromada took...


Polonska Hromada: new strategy and architecture

Over the past years, Polonska Hromada has received resources for development they could not dream of before. In 2018, a modern Administrative services center, designed by renowned Ukrainian architect Victor Zotov, was built here. The Hromada is working on the...


Shakhivska Hromada: unifying after shellfire

Shakhivska Amalgamated Hromada was the first rural Hromada in Donechchyna. Surviving the shellfire in 2014, three village councils took a risk to unite and are ambitiously developing the Hromada infrastructure nowadays. Today Shakhivska Hromada holds one of the leading positions...

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