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Opishne – Life Originated in Clay

They say that clayware — a jug, a kumanets (a ceramic vessel for water and wine that is common in Ukraine) or anything else — is like a living creature. Potters themselves referred to their wares as if they were...

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Slavske: Experimental Green Building

The Carpathian village of Slavske, located in the valley of the Opir river and surrounded by mountains, has been a resort since the beginning of the 19th century, when it saw the construction of its first hotel and climatotherapy station....


Wild-honey farmers of Polissia: People of the forest

Derevlyanshchyna is a region of Polissia, situated west of Kyiv and beyond the Teteriv River. It was a favourite place for Kyiv boyars and princes as it was a very rich area for wild-honey farming, so they often visited the...

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