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How to tame an ornithopter

Plenty of people dream about having a superpower — for instance, being able to fly like a bird. But hardly anyone is ready to make the mental and the physical effort or to invest the money and the time. Volodymyr...


Mountain Narrow-Gauge Railway. Carpathian Tram

For over a century, a Carpathian village Vyhoda with the population of 3.5 thousand people, has been a starting point of one of still existent unique narrow-gauge railways. Initially designed to serve as a means of wood transportation, narrow-gauge railway...

National Minorities

Who are Boikos?

Ukrainian ethnicity is comprised of a dozen ethnic groups, with their own language and lifestyle peculiarities. Their unique traditions have been shaping through centuries. However, as the cities and economy are developing, these traditions intertwine with each other and their...


Utkonosivka — Tomatoes Valley

Is it possible for the local economy to work according to 2+2=5 principle? Utkonosivka is one of the villages to the south of Bessarabia which proves that it is. Conducive climate, fresh water in a close vicinity and mutual cooperation...

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