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What is ‘Izolyatsia’ and IZONE?

Ten years ago an abandoned plant for processing insulation materials was turned into a giant art space ‘Izolyatsia’ in industrial Donetsk, but recently became a prison and a torture chamber by Russian militants. The creators of ‘Izolyatsia’ were forced to...


Kryvorivnia. Hutsul Koliada in Spite of the Bans

 “On Sunday morning, an early sunrise brought joy and glory to cherry gardens” — these lines begin a carol which has been heard in the village of Kryvorivnia in the Hutsul region for over 100 years. The tradition...


Frankivsk. The doors that should be cherished

In 2016, a public movement for restoration of historical legacy started in Ivano-Frankivsk. It is called “Frankivsk That Should Be Cherished”. It was founded by a public activist Mariya Kozakevich. First, they took under their care old entrance doors of...


Ostroh. The return of the first Eastern Europe Academy

The Ostroh Academy is one of the first successful examples of educational revival in Ukraine that doesn’t try to replicate the old Soviet system and leans on the long-standing traditions of Ukrainian education instead. The university in Ostroh has been...


Kosiv: A Motorcycle Club amid the Mountains

The Carpathian town Kosiv, which is mainly known in Ukraine for its ceramics and the traditional market, has been also familiar to moto culture fans for a long time. A local enthusiast Vasyl Kuryshchuk has been developing it for 40...

National Minorities

The Roma of Pavlohrad

When thinking of the Roma, our imagination often draws nomads who stop for some time somewhere on the outskirts of the town. However, this image can be dismissed by active community organizations of the settled Roma who cherish their traditions,...

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