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The unifying radio

Despite the proliferation of social networks, the Facebook of the 60’s amateur radio still exists. This “social network” was admired all over the world in the second half of the twentieth century, but there are still thousands of people who...


Reshetylivka. Revival of Carpet Manufacturing

Reshetylivka, a town in Poltavshchyna, is a true treasure of Ukrainian folk art. Masters of weaving, carpet manufacturing and embroidery from Reshetylivka have been famous across Ukraine since the end of the nineteenth century. High-quality wool from a local breed...


Shepherd by Vocation

Cheesemaking is a long-standing craft in the Carpathians. The locals were making cheese using sheep and cow milk. The original recipes were passed from generation to generation. However, very few people make cheese nowadays. The youth is sure that grazing,...

Business Owners

Put it all in grape

Grape is intrinsic to the place. It is believed that Tavria hosts the best vineyards in Ukraine. This place is blessed with sun and fertile soil.

Albert Fedotov, a farmer from the city of Oleshky, grows grape, collects different varieties and...

Nature Protection

Askania-Nova: The first steppe bioreserve

Askania-Nova is a true wonder not only for Pryazovia but also for all of Ukraine. It’s one of the oldest biosphere reserves  on the planet and the biggest European steppe protected territory. Local ecosystems have more than 500 species of...

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