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Business Owners

Land of opportunities. Teas from Potutory.

Several years ago, Christina Lieberger made her first business trip from Switzerland to the village of Potutory in Halychyna. She decided to stay here and work with the locals, developing biodynamic agriculture that is based on a caring approach to...

Business Owners

Shershentsi: Changing a Village’s Mindset

The Podillia village of Shershentsi lies in the valley of the Bilochi river, on the border with Moldova. After living for 35 years in a big city, Dmytro Skoryk and his wife Nadiia moved here from Odesa. It took them...


Olbia: The largest ancient Greek settlement on the Black Sea coast

For centuries, archaeologists and historians from all over Europe have excavated the remains of the ancient city-state Olbia that is located on the Black Sea coastal area, near the village Parutyne. Because of problems with infrastructure and transportation, this area...


Kostopil. Building a chess center from scratch

In a town of Kostopil in Polissia, Oleksandr Kozak founded a chess club which grew to become a center of intellectual development. Oleksandr turned an empty abandoned building inhabited by rats into a place where local people regularly go to...


Carpathian Spruce and Bukovyna Violin

Melodies of the violins created by Volodymyr Solodzhuk, the craftsman from Bukovina, are born in his small workshop in Chernivtsi. Nowadays his instruments conquer concert halls all over the world. After working as a works engineer for many years, Volodymyr...

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