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3 million hryvnias

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We discover Ukraine and turn these discoveries into useful visual content which is already being used in education, as a presentation of regions inside the country as well as to display the touristic potential of Ukraine in the world. Therefore, any contribution to Ukraїner is your contribution to Ukraine! If you feel the project is doing the right thing, you have a chance to support it and influence its further development.

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We are raising 3 million hryvnas

The more money we raise the more advanced equipment we will acquire and the better content we will produce in the future.


Upgrading the expedition hardware – 360-degree cameras, a quadrocopter, computers for video editing, optics


Wages for the members of the public organization “Ukraїner”


Hosting UkraïnerCamp


Technical resources for data storage

Does this mean that by raising the money we abandon our commercial partners? No. Great deal of logistics, insurance, housing, and meals during expedition still require sufficient funds.

Who does it? How?

Today the project rests on shoulders of more than a hundred enthusiasts who are pioneers and volunteers. They travel, record, process, describe, explore, and do a lot of other subtle work for the price of their own time, emotions, and physical efforts. These people live in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Georgia, etc.

During the lifetime of the project, we were granted trust by Raiffeisen Bank Aval, a tourist company “Kiy Avia”, an automobile brand Land Rover, a mineral water company “Morshynska”, a chain of gas stations “OKKO”, “!FEST” Holding of Emotions, YedynkaDGTL, Depositphotos, etc. It has been a year and a half since we managed to launch the project and shoot inspiring stories thanks to the support of our partners.

You can help us

We need your support to make Ukraїner better.

Financial contribution

You may send any amount of money via a single transaction or subscribe to a sponsorship programme and help us financially every month. The amount of your support may be equal to the price of a cinema ticket or something more valuable – it's up to you. This will ensure our constant growth and your permanent support of Ukraїner.

Join the team

Since we constantly feel the lack of time and energy, we are always happy to bring new volunteers in. If you can help us with decoding videos, translating and proofreading texts, video editing, or subtitling, or you are eager to join the expedition as a photographer or a videographer, fill in the application form and join our team.

Join the team
Become a partner

You may join as a partner. We have ample opportunities for cooperation and are ready to consider different options. Contact us for more details.


You can also buy useful, high-quality and beautiful items in the store . We are always pleased to see people in Ukraїner's T-shirts and sweatshirts. With souvenir products, we receive only 30% of their cost for the project development, but this is your chance to look stylish and help us at the same time.

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Everyone, regardless of their availability of time, money or emotional resources, can help us: by following the release of materials, reading them, commenting on our texts and videos, suggesting new places and influencing the quality of our content with your thoughts and actions.

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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Nataliia Ponedilok: [email protected]