The army of marauders: where Russian soldiers’ habit of looting comes from

Looting accompanies every war. However, the crimes of Russian soldiers stand out among the armed conflicts of the last decades for their impudence and greed.

Stop Mapaganda: how Russia spreads propaganda through maps

Since at least 2014, both blatant and subtle forms of propaganda have played a significant role in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, furthering anti-Ukrainian narratives globally. Specifically, Russia has manipulated maps to artificially link temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia by...

5 pillars of Russian imperial nationalism

The war against Ukraine was not initiated by Putin personally. The war was started and is being waged by Russian imperial nationalism, with Putin and his accomplices as the figureheads.

Russia uses sports as a tool of aggression. How is the world reacting?

After the Russians, with the assistance of the Belarusians, launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, their athletes were suspended from participating in international tournaments. But in early 2023, despite the ongoing war, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus...

Alexei Navalny and Ukraine: how the Russian “opposition” leader’s team sees the end of the war

How oppositional is Alexei Navalny’s team? Calling themselves the opposition, this Russian group talks about fundamental democratic beliefs and the end of Russia’s war against Ukraine. But a closer look at their statements shows that this is far from their...

How the IAEA does (not) work: a history of failures of the “peaceful atom” defenders

For over a year, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, has been occupied by Russian forces. Humanity has been on the brink of a nuclear catastrophe for over a year. This is the first...

Atlantis Mariupol: an interview with a film director Valentyn Vasyanovych

Filming in Mariupol, several frames of the Azovstal plant, and prophecy of the full-scale war — this is how the film Atlantis was created.

Powerful Quotes from the Heavenly Regiment of Ukraine

The Russian Federation’s current war against Ukraine began with the shootings on the Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity. At that time, the Heavenly Hundred appeared in Ukraine — these people who were killed during the Maidan Revolution. The names...

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